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JR TOOL are specialists within tools for metal cutting and we offer a dynamic program of tools, where our mainproducts are precisiontools for grooving, side turning and slot milling.

Our assignment is to make your production optimal and according to plan. Our wide range of tools, guarantee that your always will be able to find the best technical solutions for all your assignments.

We especially focus on fine and micro mechanical work, and have therefor gathered a team of experts in this area. Together with our partners and expertise, both inside and outside the house, we ensure that we always can give you an excellent advises, that this is one of our biggest responsibilites to your as our customer.

JR TOOL is your business partner within tools for:

  •  CNC- and Micro turning lathes
  •  Modular boring and toolsystem
  •  All micro, mechanical components
  •  Grooves, threads, splines and gears 
  •  Broaching of keyways, hexagon and torx  
  •  Customer made tools and solutions

Remember to see our URMA program, with tools for Brotsching, Drilling and much more.

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As a part of our social responsibilities we support: